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Interlibrary Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Interlibrary Loan mean?

A.  An Interlibray Loan (ILL for short) is a loan of materials from one library to another. When you have an ILL request, the material is lent by another library to Vineland Public Library so that you can borrow it.

Q. How do I request an ILL?

A. Go to the Information Desk and tell the librarian what material you would like to borrow. If your request is complex or for more than one item, the librarian may ask you to fill out an ILL request form.

Q. Is there a charge?

A. There is no charge to you for making an ILL request for an item available in JerseyCat, our primary ILL database. However, keep in mind that it costs the library an average of $19 to process each ILL request, so please order only items that you really want. If an item is not in JerseyCat, the lending library used by ACCESS may charge $10.

Q. How will I know when my ILL item arrives?

A. You will be notified by phone and can pick up your ILL item at the Circulation Desk.

Q. Who can use this service?

A. Anyone with a current and valid CLUES library card.

Q. How long does it take to get an item?

A. Items usually arrive within one to two weeks if they are available in JerseyCat. ACCESS requests may take up to 3 weeks.

Q. Can ILL requests be made by phone?

A. Yes. Call the Reference Desk at 794-4244. You will be asked for your CLUES library card number.

Q. How many items can be requested?

A. We currently have no set limit and leave this decision to the discretion of the librarian. The decision will be influenced by the nature of the items being requested and the current overall volume of requests. When you request more than 2 items, actual ordering of all the items may be spaced out to fit in with our workflow.

Q. Why do my requests sometimes take weeks to come or not come at all?

A. ILL occurs through voluntary cooperation among hundreds of libraries in New Jersey. A library is under no obligation to send any given item out on ILL and may choose to refuse any given ILL request. Such refusal will delay the delivery of your item or result in the item not being delivered at all.

Q. Can you tell me the status of my ILL request?

A. Items available in JerseyCat are ordered through an online system and can easily be tracked. Just ask at the Information Desk. Items not available in JerseyCat must be ordered by fax through the NJ State Library ACCESS system. There is no effective way to monitor the progress of these requests.

Q. What type of materials can be ordered through ILL?

A. Books, CD's, videos, DVDs and magazine articles. Many libraries, however, do not lend their videos or DVDs through ILL. Photocopied magazine articles often take longer to arrive than other materials and are more likely to incur a fee charged by the lending library.

Q. What happens if I lose an ILL item?

A. You will be required to pay a fee set by the library that owns the item equal to the replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee.

Q. Can I renew an ILL item?

A. We will provisionally renew ILL items that are not already overdue. We then must contact the lending library to get our provisional renewal approved. If the lending library does not approve the renewal, we will call you and ask you to bring back the item immediately. Call the Main Desk at 794-4244 to begin the renewal process.

Q: Are there fines if ILL items are overdue?
A. Yes. We will charge you our regular fines for overdue items. If the lending library charges us an additional fine, you are required to pay those as well.

Take a look at JerseyCat. Available for your viewing at the library on any of the public access computers or on any computer with Internet access.