Vineland Public Library


Guidelines for Using the Main Floor Computers - Ages 13 and Up

Vineland Public Library
Policy and Procedures for First Floor Public Computers

Please observe the following policies and procedures so that the many people who wish to use this limited resource are treated fairly:

Vineland Public Library uses CASSIE, a computer management system, to help manage our public computer log-ins, time tracking, and printing.

Patrons ages 13 and older must sign into CASSIE using only their own Vineland, Millville or Bridgeton library card and password.

  • You may not use any library card, computer card, or guest pass belonging to any other person, including family members.
    Show your photo ID & library card at the Information Desk to obtain a password.
  • Teens ages 13-17 who reside in Vineland, Bridgeton or Millville or attend schools located in Vineland
    can obtain a free Computer Card, which will allow access to the internet computers and access to the
    databases offered for home use by the library. Teens may obtain this card without a legal guardian
    present as long as they produce a school ID or current official paperwork from their school. (Example:
    a school schedule, progress report, or other document deemed acceptable by Children’s Department
  • You may only sign in at a computer (#1-#14) showing a green “AVAILABLE” box on the screen.
Adults accompanied by children younger than age 9 should use the Parent Computers in the Children’s Department.

A guest pass may be purchased for $2.00 at the Information Desk by showing your state-issued photo ID and current proof of address if you live outside of Vineland, Millville and Bridgeton.

  • A pass is good for 3 hours of computer time on the day it is purchased.
  • All guest pass users are limited to one 3-hour pass per day.


  • Each computer user is allowed up to 3 hours of time per day. This time might not be continuous.
  • Each computer session begins with 90 continuous minutes.
  • If no one is waiting for a computer, CASSIE will give you an additional 15 minutes when you have completed 90 minutes.
  • If no one is waiting, CASSIE will continue to give you more time, in increments of 15 minutes, until you reach the daily limit of 3 hours.
  • If others are waiting and CASSIE terminates your session after 90 minutes, you may sign up on the “Waiting List Computer.”
      • Once you log in from the waiting list, you will have sessions of 15-minute increments, up to the
        maximum of 3 hours a day
      • You must be in the area when called for your turn on the waiting list. If you miss your turn, you
        will need to sign up on the waiting list again.
  • The internet computer time limits are strictly observed and may be over-ridden by Information Desk staff only in the case of the following tasks: (The Job Search computers (see below) may also be used for these tasks. Ask at the Information Desk before sitting down at a computer.)
      • Online job application
      • FAFSA application
      • Online filing of taxes
IMPORTANT: If you are working on one of the tasks listed and require extended time, you MUST speak with a
librarian at the Information Desk BEFORE starting your session
  • Online exams requiring more than 90 minutes should be done at Cumberland County College.
    (The Information Desk can provide you the College Library contact information)


  • Job Search computers are #15 - #18 and #21.
  • These computers are only for job searching, applying for a job, or writing a resume or cover letter.
  • Please let staff at the Information Desk know if you need to use one of these computers.
  • Free guest passes are available to anyone needing time on the Job Search Computers.
  • These computers have no time limit and do not count toward your 3-hour per day limit.
  • Word processing computers are #19 and #20.
  • They do not have internet access.
  • These computers currently have the following Microsoft Products available: Word, Excel, Publisher,
    PowerPoint, Access, Infopath Designer, Infopath Filler, SharePoint, and OneNote.
  • These computers have no time limit and do not count toward your 3-hour per day limit.
  • Free guest passes for these computers are available to anyone age 13 and older who needs to use the internet.
  • You are limited to one free 20-minute pass per day.
  • Your session will terminate after 20 minutes.
  • Ask at the Information Desk before your 20 minutes are over if you need a brief extension of your time.

  • Printing and saving are done at your own risk.
  • Printing costs $.15 cents per page for black ink only and $.30 cents per page in color.
  • You may not use your own paper or envelopes in the library printer.
  • Double-sided printing is available for $.25 cents per page for black ink only and $.55 cents per page in color.
  • You may print up to 20 free copies of resumès and cover letters. Let the Information Desk staff know when you are ready to pick up your printouts so that you do not have to put money in the coin tower.
  • Files saved on the hard drive of any library computer will be automatically deleted when you sign off of that computer.
  • You may save to your USB flash drive.
  • Information Desk staff will lend you a flash drive if you need to use one to transfer your work to another library computer.

  • The Library’s unsecured, free wireless network is available throughout the building. Select VPL Public to connect.
  • Library Wifi is available during library hours.
  • Printing is not currently available through the wireless network but staff at the Information Desk can
    assist you with printing from your device.
  • Due to liability issues, staff is not permitted to handle your laptop or hand-held device.

  • You may bring your own headphones/earbuds or buy earbuds at the Information Desk for $2 to use on the library’s computers. All proceeds from purchases go to the Friends of the Vineland Public Library.
  • In accordance with our Patron Conduct Policy, sound must not be audible to others.
  • You may not have any food or beverages near any library computer.
  • You may share your computer with up to one other person if you need help.
  • You may not intrude on the space of neighboring computers or use the chairs at other computers.
  • You must “lock” your computer to prevent others from accessing it if you need to briefly leave your computer during a session.
  • If you have not “locked” your computer and leave your station, staff will assume that you’ve finished and will end your session.
  • The Vineland Public Library is not responsible for personal belongings.
  • Staff is not permitted to watch or hold your laptop or any other items for you.
  • Information entered on public computers may be accessed by other users and should not be considered private.
  • Display of graphic pornography is a violation of the Patron Conduct Policy and will result in sanctions.
    Staff computer assistance is limited to locating information and briefly demonstrating the use of reference tools, such as databases. Ask at the Information Desk to register for the free one-on-one computer tutoring sessions offered at the library.

*Violations of these rules will result in suspension of your computer privileges or your being banned from the library. Additional library rules can be found in the Patron Conduct Policy.

Approved by Board of Trustees April 26, 2004
Reviewed revised policy and approved August 26, 2010
Reviewed revised policy and approved February 22, 2012
Reviewed revised policy and approved June 23, 2016