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“It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.” ~ Tom Brokaw

Vineland Public Library is proud to have a long history of volunteers who have, and continue to, make a difference!

In 1976, 159 volunteers contributed 662 hours between March 1-15 shelving books in preparation of the new library’s opening day.

In 2014, volunteers committed over 2060 hours to service in our library. Nearly 90 volunteers dedicated time assisting with important community services including computer and ESL help, the adopt-a-shelf program, planning teen programs, and helping as reading buddies.

We understand the value of a good volunteer and appreciate your interest in bettering the community by way of public library service.


Volunteer Positions Currently Needed


One-to-One Computer Tutors (English-speaking and Spanish-speaking):

Selected tutors will be matched with students, based on levels of computer knowledge, for individual one-hour sessions.


• Basic computer knowledge and experience.
• Must be 18 years or over with ID.
• Must commit at least one hour per week.
• Patience and a good attitude are needed.

Who are the Students? Individuals who desire basic or improved computer skills and are best served by one-to-one instruction. Individuals who need additional preparation for more advanced computer classes provided outside of the library.
For more information about Computer Tutoring opportunities, contact Adult Services Librarian Samantha Lambert at (856) 794-4244 ext. 4243.

All completed volunteer applications should be returned to Library Associate, Caroline Blough, at the Information Services Desk.

Click here to download and print Adult Volunteer Applications

ESL Tutor (English as a Second Language):

Selected tutors will be matched with students to provide individual assistance to an English language learner with the intent of improving their English proficiency. Tutors will be matched with students based on skill level of English language and need. Needs may include conversation skills, reading, writing, and citizenship. ESL tutoring is a minimum four (4) month commitment with one (1) hour per week required. The library will provide a mandatory 2-hour tutor training session, textbooks, and an adequate tutoring environment.


• Must speak English fluently.
• Must be capable of reading English and writing in English accurately.
• Must be 18 years or over with ID.
• Must commit one hour per week for a minimum of 4 months.
• Patience and a good attitude are needed.
• Tutors are responsible for logging volunteer time every week.
• Tutors report to Project Manager with regard to any questions or concerns.

Who are the Students? Adults who grew up speaking another language and wish to have a better grasp of the English language. Individuals may wish to simply have better communication skills. Students may seek improved knowledge of English-language reading or writing for further educational opportunities. Students may need skills to increase opportunities for employment. Whatever the student’s reasons are, ESL tutors make a significant impact on another individual’s life.

For more information about ESL Tutoring opportunities, contact Head of Adult Services Holly Rogerson at (856) 794-4244, ext. 4243.

All completed volunteer applications should be returned to the Information Services Desk.

Click here to download and print Adult Volunteer Applications


Opportunities for Teen Volunteers

Teen Volunteers:
The Children's Department welcomes teen volunteers throughout the year and especially during summer months. Teen volunteers must be at least 13 years of age and they must have begun 8th grade. All interested teen volunteers must be interviewed by the Children’s Department Head or Young Adult Librarian.

• Shelving Children’s Books – Teens interested in learning to shelve or shelf-read (making sure books are in proper order) may attend our Shelving Training held every other month. This task requires attention to detail, an ability to organize alphabetically and numerically using the Dewey Decimal system.
• Program Planning – Teen volunteers meet once a month to help plan programs for younger children and programs for teens.
• Summer Reading Program – Teens have many opportunities to assist with the preparation and implementation of children’s programs during the summer reading program.
• Other duties - Volunteers do whatever is necessary at the time. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, cleaning after crafts, tracing & cutting shapes to help prepare for craft programs, and assisting with programs.

If you are interested in becoming a Teen Volunteer, please contact Young Adult Librarian Terri Carpenter at (856) 794-4244 ext. 4246.