Vineland Public Library


Unattended Child Policy

Vineland Public Library Unattended Child Policy

It is the responsibility of each staff member to assist in maintaining a welcoming environment at the Vineland Public Library. Since the library is free and open to the public, unattended children may be at risk for of injury, illness, interaction with strangers, and emergency situations.
While children are encouraged to visit the library and use resources for educational and entertainment purposes, parents and caregivers must be aware that Library staff have many duties to perform and cannot monitor the whereabouts of individual patrons – child or adult. The Vineland Public Library cannot assume parental responsibility for the care and safety of children or the supervision of children displaying disruptive conduct.

The Library has established the following policies in the best interest of Library staff and Library patrons.
• All Library patrons, regardless of age, are expected to follow the Patron Behavior Policy.
• Children under the age of 9-years-old must be accompanied by an adult while on Library property or in the Library building.
• Children displaying or participating in disruptive or prohibitive conduct (see Patron Behavior Policy) may be asked to leave the Library property, individually or as a group.
• Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their children’s conduct while on Library property, whether they are with the child or not.
• If any child, below the age of 9, is left unattended by an adult when the Library closes, Library staff will attempt to contact a parent or guardian. If a parent or guardian cannot be contacted or has not arrived to pick the child up within 15 minutes of the Library’s closing, the local police will be notified.

Approved by the Vineland Public Library Board of Trustees - July 23, 2015