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Disciplinary Sanctions for Juveniles

Vineland Public Library Disciplinary Policies and Procedures for Juveniles (Ages 17 & under)

It is the responsibility of each staff member to assist in maintaining a welcoming environment at the Vineland Public Library. Since the library is free and open to the public, there are occasions where a person or group of people may behave in a manner that is disruptive to other patrons or staff. The Library has a Patron Behavior Policy in place to help define what conduct is not allowed in the Library.

An Incident Report should be completed by the staff member(s) directly involved in or witness to an incident. In cases of major incidents, witnesses will submit emails of their observational account to be attached to the incident report. If a Library Security Guard is involved, the guard should complete the report. Reports will be kept on file at the Information Desk, with a copy kept in Administration.

Any staff member is permitted to request that a juvenile patron leave the library property and may contact the Vineland Police when that patron has violated the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy. If a Juvenile patron is banned for a period of time other than a same-day ban, a letter shall be mailed to his or her parent or guardian stating the reason(s) for the restriction as well as the date the individual is allowed to return to Library property. If an individual has Library material checked out at the time of their ban, the individual will still be held responsible for having the material returned by the due date or the individual will incur any applicable charges. For convenience, materials may be returned in the 24-hour book drop located on the wall near the front entrance doors.

Any persons banned from the Library are required to provide staff with their legal names and mailing addresses. Card numbers of VPL card holders should also be obtained in case any notes need to be made to the patron account. If any persons refuse to provide their information or give false information, further disciplinary actions may be taken, possibly resulting in loss of library privileges.

Actual disciplinary actions may vary according to individual incidents.

Exceptions may be made to the banning, on a case by case basis, for students through grade 12 who may enter the library only to work on school assignments and only under direct supervision of a parent or guardian. Such exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Library Director and will be outlined in the letter sent to the student’s home address.

Below are examples of what type of conduct would lead staff to request that a patron vacate the Library property.

Same-Day Ban:
• Being excessively loud after being warned
• Use of foul language in a non-threatening manner

1-Month Ban:
• Refusing to provide personal information upon reasonable request by staff
• Refusing to leave Library property when requested
• Failure to heed repeat warnings from Library staff
• Returning to Library property during a banned period

3-Month to Indefinite Ban* – at the discretion of the Library Director:
• Repeated misconduct or recorded incidents
• Threatening language or behavior toward Library patrons, staff, or self: verbal, physical, or via electronic communication
• Physical violence on Library property

*The parent or guardian of any juvenile who has received a sanction of 3 months or more may be required to meet with the Library Director and his/her child for a discussion of the behavioral standards of the library before the juvenile will be permitted on the library premises again.

Information, including any photos if available, regarding any banned patron will be distributed to all Library staff. Adult Services/Children’s/Security will maintain a log to track banned patrons and the dates on which they are allowed to return to Library property.

The parent or legal guardian of an individual banned for a period of 3 months or longer may submit a written appeal. The appeal must be submitted to the Library Board at least two weeks prior to the Board’s scheduled monthly meeting to be placed on the agenda. Meeting dates can be located on the Library webpage at Appeals must be submitted to Board of Trustees, Vineland Public Library, 1058 E. Landis Ave., Vineland, NJ 08360 Attn: Appeal Request. The appeal must specify all disputed material facts and issues that are to be addressed at the meeting as well as all arguments you wish the Board to consider. If your appeal fails to set forth any disputed facts, the Board of Trustees has the right to deny the appeal and the proposed sanction will become effective the day after the Board meeting. If the appeal is denied, this decision will constitute the Board's final judgment in this matter. The presence of the individual filing the appeal shall not be required.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees - February 22, 2007
Updated policy approved by the Library Board of Trustees - July 23, 2015