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Patron Conduct Policy

Vineland Public Library
Patron Conduct Policy

Mission Statement
The Vineland Public Library, as a cornerstone of Vineland's educational and cultural foundation, is dedicated to responding to the expressed and anticipated informational and lifelong learning needs of its diverse community. To accomplish this mission, the Library relies on a highly qualified staff, a balance of print and technology, and a network of resources beyond its walls.

Conduct is considered unacceptable when:
• It could result in injury to oneself or others.
• It interferes with another person’s use of the Library.
• It interferes with staff performance.
• It is harassing or intimidating.
• It violates the law.
• It could result in loss or damage to Library or patrons’ property.

Persons failing to follow the Library’s conduct rules or reasonable requests of staff will be asked to leave and such actions may result in suspension of Library privileges. The police will be notified immediately if a person is asked to leave and refuses to do so. The rules of conduct will apply to the Library property, both inside and outside of the building, as well as Library-related electronic or telephone communications.

Prohibited conduct includes but is not limited to:
• Harassing or intimidating conduct toward staff or Library users. Such conduct may include, but is not limited to: insults or offensive language or comments; sexual or suggestive advances, comments, jokes or images; unwanted physical touching; oral, written, or implicit threats; degrading or discriminatory comments or gestures.
• Leaving a child below the age of nine (9) or any other individual requiring supervision unattended by an adult. (See also Unattended Children Policy)
• Loud or abusive language.
• Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, or use of any tobacco products.
• Use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs.
• Being visibly intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics.
• Possession of a weapon.
• Engaging in excessive or disruptive conversations.
• Having offensive bodily hygiene or odor that constitutes a nuisance to others.
• Use of cell phones for conversations outside of designated areas (lobby, vending, Doris Tripp Room). Persons using the Children’s Department in accordance with Library policies are permitted to use cell phones outside of Library programs if use does not disrupt other patrons or staff. Ringers should be turned off or set to vibrate while in the library building.
• Having food or beverages near any Library computer. Any damage to Library property resulting from food or beverages will be the responsibility of the patron.
• Use of personal electronic equipment at a volume audible to others.
• Running, fighting, roughhousing, throwing objects, and other like behavior.
• Sleeping.
• Misuse of restrooms such as bathing, washing clothes or dishes, shaving, using the wrong restroom.
• Recreational bicycling, skateboarding, skating/in-line skating on Library property.
• Bringing bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates/roller skates, and other like modes of transportation into the Library. A bicycle rack is located outside of the Landis Avenue entrance.
• Gambling.
• Unauthorized solicitation including selling items, begging, circulating petitions, distributing printed materials, and conducting surveys.
• Bringing any animal on the premises, except service animals required because of a disability or those authorized for participation in a Library program.
• Vandalism to Library property. Damage to Library property may result in suspension of Library privileges and/or criminal prosecution.
• Inappropriate attire. Must be fully clothed. Footwear must be left on while in the Library at all times. Bathing suits are not considered appropriate attire.
• Carrying in bedrolls/bedding/blankets. Bags or backpacks are subject to being searched by Library staff.
• Loitering.
• Use of the children’s area by unattended adults except when the adult is researching and/or retrieving materials. (see “Adults in the Children’s Department” Policy)
• Unauthorized access to staff areas.
• Being on Library property in excess of 15 minutes prior to opening or after closing.

Note: Please remember that unattended possessions represent a safety and security risk. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property. Please keep your belongings with you at all times.

Approved by the Vineland Public Library Board of Trustees June 25, 2015