Vineland Public Library




It shall be the policy of the Board of Trustees of the Vineland Public Library to make the meeting rooms in the Vineland Public Library available to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities. The use of the meeting rooms by any organization shall in no way interfere with the most effective utilization of Library facilities for Library purposes. Meetings held in the Library’s meeting rooms must be open to the public (exemptions to be approved by the Library Director or designee).

1. The meeting rooms shall not be used for commercial purposes. Exceptions may be made for such events as art exhibits where price tags may be displayed on exhibited items. The Library has the right to ask for verification of tax exempt status. No employee of the Library or member of the Library Board shall participate in any financial transactions involving exhibited items.

Businesses located in Vineland may reserve the meeting rooms for employee training or community service programs. Businesses may not distribute self-promoting material when conducting community service programs (addendum January, 2004 Board of Trustees meeting).

2. Application for usage shall be made to the Library Director or Community Relations Coordinator on forms to be provided by the Library. The meeting rooms must be used only for the purposes set forth in the application. Established fees for a reserved room are as follows:

Doris Tripp Room (capacity 90) $25.00/$50.00
Community Event Room (capacity 90) $25.00/$50.00
Children's Event Room $25.00/$50.00
Computer Lab (capacity 16) $25.00/$50.00
If refreshments are to be served there is a $50. cleaning deposit required. Food and beverages may not be brought into the computer lab.

The application shall be made prior to the date requested, and the fee must be paid upon approval of the application and in advance of the requested date.

There should be no charge to library-sponsored or library related organizations. No gratuities may be paid to any Library employee for utilization of the meeting room.

3. Meeting rooms are only available during regular library hours. All meetings must adjourn at least 30 minutes before the Library’s closing time. Permission must be granted by the Board of Trustees for after hour events.

4. The individual signing the application for a meeting room must be over 18 years of age and must agree to be individually legally responsible for all damage to any property of the Library resulting from the negligence, carelessness, or willful acts of any member, officer, employee, agent or of any of the invitees utilizing the room during the hours reserved on the application.

5. Meeting rooms may not be reserved for regularly scheduled meetings by any organization or business. The limit is three meetings per year. The Library reserves the right to cancel.

6. There shall be at least one adult in attendance during the time reserved for the use of the room for every 15 children present.

7. All groups shall abide by the Fire Regulations of the City of Vineland and the requirements of the American’s With Disabilities Act. (shortened from original #7)

8. The Library shall be responsible for the setting up and taking down of any chairs to be utilized in the meeting rooms if chair and table arrangements have been indicated on the application. Privately supplied furniture may be utilized by any group using the room providing that it is delivered and removed from the meeting rooms during the hours for which the room is reserved, and that no damage will be done to any Library property by their utilization.

9. No items of any nature may be attached to the walls, doors, ceiling, etc. unless approved by the Library Director or designee.

10. Smoking is not allowed in the Library.

11. No alcoholic beverages may be served. Simple refreshments may be served provided that those conducting the meeting take full responsibility for cleaning afterwards. No refreshments may be served without the prior written approval of the Library Director or designee. There is a cleaning deposit of $50. required when refreshment are served.

12. The Vineland Public Library, the City of Vineland, and the employees and Trustees of the Vineland Public Library shall not be responsible for any accidents, loss of personal property, etc., occurring as a result of the utilization of the meeting rooms.

13. Until the parking situation is resolved, simultaneous programs will be booked at the discretion of the Library Director or designee. If a conflict shall arise in the scheduling of the meeting rooms, the following priority shall be used in order to determine which group shall obtain the use of the meeting rooms:

1. Library programs
2. Library-sponsored programs, including Friends of the Library
3. Vineland Municipal agencies
4. School-related groups
5. Service clubs and groups
6. Miscellaneous clubs (garden, women’s, etc.)
7. Civic and taxpayers’ associations

Granting of permission to use the Library’s meeting rooms does not imply endorsement of the aims, policies or programs of any group or organization. Publicity for meetings must not give the impression that the program is sponsored, co-sponsored or approved by the Library.

14. If these rules and regulations are violated by any group, the group is subject to the revocation of its privileges for future meeting room use at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees.

15. Any changes in the policy or regulations set forth above shall be by resolution of the Board of Trustees in conformity with the By-laws of the Board of Trustees.

Approved by Board of Trustees – November 3, 2003
Reviewed and addendum re. For-profits – January 22, 2004
Reviewed and addendum to #5 (by any organization or business) – May 26, 2005
Reviewed and approved – August 26, 2010