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Homework Help Websites

   These resources are helpful for children in elementary school and their parents.

Getting Started

  • Kid Info -- Well-organized, easy-to-use site that links to a variety of sites for many homework subjects.

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  • EBSCOhost --  Click on the EBSCOHOST Web link when you get to the research page. Scroll down the page under "Choose Databases" and select either Middle Search Plus for middle school articles, or Primary Search for elementary school articles. Then press "Continue" at the bottom of the page. Offers full-text and pictures for some articles. If you are accessing this from your home computer, you must have a library card to use this database.

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Other Homework Help Sites

African American History

Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Egypt -- Links include Egyptian Life, Geography, Gods and Goddesses, Mummification, Pharoah, Pyramids, Temples, Times, Trades and Writings. It also provides timelines, games and stories.
  • Daily Life in Egypt --This site provides basic background information about ancient Egyptian life and links to other sites on Egypt.
  • Egypt Antiquities & Ancient Egypt Information -- Various links from Tour Egypt, the Official Site of the Ministry of Tourism Egypt. A good starting point for Egypt reports.
  • Egyptian Mummies -- Another link from Tour Egypt describing mummification.
  • Egyptian Kings (Pharaohs) -- Lists Egyptian kings and links to their biographies.
  • The Great Sphinx -- Facts on and pictures of the Great Sphinx of Giza.
  • Life in Ancient Egypt  -- Describes life for all classes of ancient Egyptians.


  • Animal Search -- Links to various "family-safe" sites for information on animals.
  • National Zoo -- Smithsonian National Zoological Park website sponsored by the Friends of the National Zoo.
  • WhoZoo Animal List -- Wesleyan University site in which students investigate animal species housed at the Fort Worth Zoo and prepare a summary of information about the species as well as a history of specific animals to be found at the zoo. Photos are included for each animal.


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  • Bridge Building -- This How Stuff Works site article explains the three major types of bridges and how each one works.

Children's Literature

  • Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University  -- Academic website which allows teachers, librarians, parents, and students to do subject searches for picture books.
  • NoveList K-8 Plus -- Want to know who to read next? Love an author and want to know others who write like that? Want to read other books on a specific subject? Search this database for this information and more. You will need your library card to access this site outside of the library.



  • The Food Timeline -- Morris County, NJ Library website that features a timeline and the foods that were popular during various historical periods. 






Government (Federal, State and Local)

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  • American Athenas -- This site provide biographies of women involved in the American Revolution.
  • Founding Fathers Homepage -- This American History site provides historical documents, colonial flags, quotes from historical figures and more information on the colonists and the Revolutionary War.
  • On This Day -- New York Times site that lists important events that have happened on each calendar day throughout history.  Also includes birthdays of famous people.
  • September 11 -- This digital archive features links stories, images, audio and documents to preserve and present the history of the events of September 11, 2001.




  • Christmas Around the World  -- Click on a link on the right side of the screen and find out how Christmas is celebrated in a variety of countries.


Columbus Day


  • Story of Halloween -- Holidays on the Web site features information on the beginnings of Halloween.


  • Thanksgiving Exhibits -- Pilgrim Hall Museum site on with links on the first Thanksgiving and the evolution of the modern


  • Cybrary of the Holocaust - site dedicated to educating people about the Holocaust, with links to other sites.

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  • Inventors -- Searchable site from ThoughtCo. on several inventors and inventions, including many modern inventions.
  • Inventors and Inventions  -- site that gives brief descriptions of a variety of inventors and inventions.


  • Landforms -- Southern Kings Consolidated School website on featuring studen reports on various landforms, including valleys, mountains, plains, hills, loess and glaciers.
  • Physical Map of the United States -- Houghton Mifflin Education Place PDF file map of the U.S. including mountains and rivers.


  • Foreign -- Use to translate words from a variety of language to a variety of languages.
  • Pronunciator -- Learn another language. All you need is your Vineland Public Library Card. Courses are taught in 50 non-English languages as well as in English with 256 live 30-minute classes per week taught by qualified teachers.


  • Literacy Center -- The LiteracyCenter.Net serves more than a million free literacy lessons a month to children in around the world. It provides safe learning activities for parents and teachers to share with young children. All online lessons are free of advertising and free of charge. Languages featured are English, Spanish, German and French.


  • AAA Math -- Features hundreds of basic math skills and interactive practice pages by grade level.
  • -- This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills


  • HNH - Naxos Classicals -- Site devoted to classical music which includes an alphabetical listing of composer biographies.


  • The Encyclopedia Mythica -- World mythology site with a multitude of information on gods, goddesses and stories.
  • Greek Mythology -- Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology site has links to a variety of gods and goddesses.
  • Mythweb -- Click on the picture of the god or goddess of your choice to learn more about him or her.  Click on "easy read" for a printer friendly page.

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Native Americans (Lenape)

  • Lenape Indian Fact Sheet -- Facts about the history and culture of the Lenni Lenape from Native Languages of the Americas.
  • About the Lenapes -- Information for children and adults about the Lenni Lenape from Lenape Lifeways, a nonprofit organization "dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the prehistory of New Jersey and the surrounding region."

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New Jersey

Puerto Rico



  • Biome Habitat Animal Printouts -- Enchanted Learning site featuring brief information on various biomes and descriptions and pictures of the animals that live there.  Includes Desert, Taiga, Grassland, Tropical Rainforest, Pond, Savanna, Prairie, Swamp and Coral Reef.
  • How Stuff Works!   -- From computers to toilets to weather systems, this site explains in detail (and with pictures) how almost everything works.
  • Mad Sci Network- Billed as "the 24-hour exploding laboratory," this site is great for researching science projects.
  • -- Sciencebuddies is a non-profit organization focused on developing science enrichment tools for students in grades K-12. The site offers information on science fair projects.
  • Volcano World -  The Web's "premier source of volcano information" sponsored by NASA's Learning Technologies Project.
  • Zoom Dinosaurs -- Enchanted Learning index of dinosaurs, with information for all age levels.


  • Building Big: All About Skyscrapers -- This PBS website explains how skyscrapers are made and includes pictures and vital statistics on famous skyscrapers around the world.
  • How Skyscrapers Work -- This How Stuff Works website includes information on how skyscrapers are constructed, what they are made of and how they fight gravity.


  • Science at a Distance-- City University of New York site that describes the structure of water and how it is a universal solvent.



  • Varsity Tutors Practice Tests -- Features a comprehensive suite of completely free practice tests, digital flashcards, and questions-of-the-day for standardized tests and academic subjects of all levels.


Tree Identification

  • What Tree Is It? -- Tree identification site that lets you search by leaf, fruit or tree name.

Vineland/Cumberland County History


Women's History


  • Writing Letters and Numbers -- Enchanted Learning site provides workbook sheets for learning to write numbers and to print and write letters in cursive.

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